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Humor and laughter                                           
As a way of life                                               

Presented by                                                                                                     
Lenny Ravich

You can either dance life, or you can drag it.                                                                              
We would like to offer you a brilliantly humorous program designed to enrich your    thinking and enhance your life.
Lenny Ravich, director the Gestalt institute of Israel and a member of the National Speaker's Association, will take you on a hilarious journey touching on issues such as relationships, family, education, health, and life in Israel as an American e'migre'.
This audience participation production has been running in Israel for mor than ten years, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Diagnosed as "overly joyus", Lenny Ravich spent the early part of his childhood in special education clases. Tody he is a humor expert facilitating internationally renowned workshops and seminars, on the subject of "Humor and Laughter for Self- esteem and Peak Performance".
Lenny is a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and is certified by the World Laughter Tour as a "Laughter Leader"

Humor and Laughter as a way of life is suitable for all events and functions, formal, and guarantees group cohesion,  enjoyment,  optimism,  and sidesplitting laughter.

What the critics say:

"An amazing one man show with a special atmosphere of love, laughter and humor. Recommended !"
Monie Mashonov, (actor), kol Israel radio interview

"Ravich Is sophisticated and fascinating. I walked out of his entertaining evening grinning from ear to ear. Authentically funny.
Ma'ariv, Israel daily newspaper.

"A uniqe and very special performance by a wise and funny man. Optimistic to the max."
Yidiot achronote, Israeli daily newspaper.

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